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Seller FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Realstar

3.9% Total
Total commission sellers pay is 3.9% (2.5% to the buyer agent and 1.4% to Realstar).


MLS Listing
We use the same MLS as the large franchises do plus dozens of other real estate websites.


Direct communication with you by phone or text gives sellers total control of appointment times and feedback.


As a locally owned company we can be more flexible with our marketing programs to fit your needs. We have the awards to prove it.


Why should I list my home with Realstar instead of a franchise?

Most large brokerages are multi level marketing corporations – everyone taking a piece of your hard earned equity. Realstar is a locally owned and managed full-service broker. We provide the same services you would get with a traditional franchise broker without unnecessary staff pushing papers. We pass that savings along to you.

Why is Realstar so much cheaper than 6% brokers?

The real question is: Why do other brokerages still charge so much – when the cost for marketing a home has dropped thousands over the years. Why do they make their bottom line more important than yours?

How can Realstar charge such a low commission?

Realstar gives sellers the same ‘product’ as our competitor (ie MLS, online marketing etc) but at a more affordable price. We are not a top heavy corporation that eats your equity. You get the same online presence as a traditional real estate company provides plus our award-winning customer service – for a much lower fee. Saving money and better service is why more sellers choose to list their homes with us.

Will enough buyers see my listing if I list with an independent broker like Realstar?

Yes, your listing goes into that very same MLS we all use. Keep in mind, a buyer doesn’t care whose has the home listed – they just want to tour it.

Will a Realtor with a large franchise show my home when Realstar is an independent broker?

Yes. Buyers tell the Realtors which homes they want to see. In addition, the coop commission paid to the buyer agent is market-based at 2.5% (1.4% to Realstar).

What are the benefits with listing with Realstar instead of a franchise?

First is flexibility. We are locally owned and can adapt swiftly to market changes. Also, we can tailor a marketing program easier that the large brokers. More importantly, because we charge less our agents tend to do more deals and as a result have more overall experience than most brokers. Finally, being small our agents time can be spent with our clients instead of corporate paperwork.