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Tired of Renting?

Buying is Easier Than You Think . . .

Buying a home can seem overwhelming, but the advantages to homeownership are overwhelming. You do not need perfect credit or a large down payment. Sometimes we can even get the Seller to pay most or even all of your closing costs! In addition, unlike rent, mortgages are paid in arrears. That is, you pay for the use after you have lived in it. Essentially you can usually close on a home and not have a payment due until 30+ days later!

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Why Buy Now?

Real Estate is a good future investment

Many items you own drop in value very year. Cars, televisions and more lose value over time. Typically housing values rise each year. A home will go up in value via appreciation. Most importantly, every year’s appreciation gets stacked onto the previous year’s appreciation increasing value even further, building equity quickly.

Tax benefits

Most homeowners realize tax benefits equal to 3 mortgage payments or more! While your friends are still renting you can actually reap tax benefits that help pay your mortgage.

Your money works for you

When you rent every dollar you spend goes into someone else’s pocket. Owning a home puts your money to work for you, not your landlord.

Rent vs Mortgage