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manwomanIn the majority of real estate transactions, the Seller is represented by an agent. The agents’s sole responsibility or ‘fiduciary duty’ is to look out for the seller’s best interest AND try to obtain arrangements (including price) that are the most beneficial to the Seller.You as the Buyer should have complete representation as well. You need someone looking out for your best interests. Realstar offers you complete representation in all transactions. From the initial search of properties, through contract negotiations and all the way to settlement, you will have an agent specifically committed to representing your best interests. Since commissions are paid by the Seller, all this occurs at no cost to you.

Our Promise to You as a Buyer’s Agent

  • WE WILL show you only homes that meet your needs and wishes.
  • WE WILL keep you up-to-date on any new listings, price changes or market changes.
  • WE WILL provide you access to the entire market including unlisted properties, new construction & FSBO’s.
  • WE WILL obtain all information, sales comps, etc. available to help you make an informed decision.
  • WE WILL be available at any time to answer your inquiries.

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