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Exclusive Agency Explained

List your home on the MLS and additional sites while retaining the ability to sell your home on your own.

Have you ever driven by a new construction home and seen a Realtor’s sign in the yard? Odds are the builder has an Exclusive Agency agreement. This allows the builder to market and sell the property through their resources at the same time the Realtor is marketing via their resources (MLS,, RE Networks, etc.).

Essentially both builder/seller and Realtor each market and try to sell the property. The builder/seller has the right to sell themselves and not pay any commission. It’s important to note that any offer the Realtor would bring to the table still has to be acceptable to the seller. The seller has total control over the offers and the sale.

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FSBO Exclusive Agency Program Explained

Realstar takes Exclusive Agency ‘beyond the builders’ and offers the same program to any FSBO seller. Your goal is to sell the property. Realstar’s goal is to bring you the better buyer via resources and marketing tools available only to Brokers. Even if you are already using a ‘by owner’ program you can get our service. You keep your FSBO presence for any buyer looking for a deal and Realstar adds the professional presence you need in today’s challenging market. In fact, we have been able to sell properties for almost 10% more than the sellers were asking as FSBOs alone. That’s awesome!

There is no cost to you when a Broker is not involved in the sale. So you have lost nothing listing your FSBO property with Realstar. Only if a Realtor sells your property and it closes, do you ever pay a fee. The commission charged is only 3.9% of the selling price plus a small administration fee. The co-op selling Realtor gets 2.5% and Realstar makes the additional 1.4% and a small administration fee. (Note: some FSBO sellers and builders hire Realstar to set up the inspection, appraisal, attorney, paperwork etc. for a small fee.)

Restrictions and limitations apply on all market programs. Contact Realstar for details.

Benefits of Realstar’s FSBO Program

24/7 Full-Service, Expert Support
Licensed professionals helping you sell. You receive all the benefits of our Full Service Brokerage with the ability of being able to sell your home yourself without ANY costs!

Have your home listed on the MLS, and dozens of Realtor networks and websites.

You Retain Total Control
You sell at your price and on your terms.

No Cost Offer
No money up-front, no money if you sell yourself!

Realstar is the only broker with a program like this.