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How can you get more business and make more money? By generating more leads and having more clients -but you already know that. What you probably don’t know are the ways to entice sellers to call you!

For example, did you know Exclusive Agency lets a seller use your services and still sell FSBO? Think about that! Sellers calling you about a service other brokers won’t offer them! How about being able to offer Full Service and still save the seller up to tens of thousands of dollars in commission – all while providing Full Service.

More seller options means more listings and more buyers which means more money!

We make your job easier, so you can focus on listing & selling!

Realstar Sale Programs Offer:

Unique Market Programs

  • Programs other Brokers won’t offer sellers.
  • Full Service Low Commissions that gets you more listings.
  • Full Service Broker offering exclusive FSBO’s programs.

DotLoop Digital signatures and file storage

  • Edit, complete, sign and share documents without ever needing to print or fax.
  • Retrieve and email your files anywhere, anytime.

Showing Time Showing Service

  • All showings are set up and confirmed with the seller for you.
  • All of your sellers get feedback sent to them automatically.
  • never spend your time calling agents for feedback.

Market Demand For Our Services

  • Savvy consumers want Full Service Brokers offering flexible commissions.
  • More business means more experience than the industry average.

A Better Work Environment

  • Broker support, making sure you have all your needs fulfilled.
  • No office competition/undercutting. We all offer the same great programs.

Award Winning Customer Service

  • With complete market penetration and strong name recognition.

Full or Part Time, Home or Office

  • Our flexible programs give you the ability to work wherever you want . . .whenever you want.

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The secret to a successful real estate career is building a solid client base. The more clients you have the more money you can make. More than likely you are not holding you back, your brokerage is. Most brokerages are huge corporations that are only driven by their bottom line, charging agents with office fees and classwork and charging sellers outdated commissions they are unwilling to pay.

Today’s sellers know the vast majority of buyers use Internet sites to find homes. Sellers also know that paying for an agent’s TV commercial or expensive car does nothing to increase their odds of selling. You wouldn’t pay 5 or 6 percent to sell your home and neither would a savvy consumer. Smart sellers reject the high commission brokerages and those agents end up losing more business each year.

Today’s consumers are value driven. Realstar’s Full Service brokerage and 3.9% discount commission sets us apart from others. Offering programs today’s sellers demand (i.e. Exclusive Agency) is another tool we offer that others don’t. While other brokerages have agents fighting over fewer and fewer leads our market programs continue to create more and more leads.

Not surprisingly, Realstar generates almost a 30% referral rate. That means every third seller will recommend Realstar to their family or friends. That’s 30% free business!

Realstar will give you support in all facets of today’s R.E. business. This will allow you maximum earning potential and give you the tools to become your own top producer.

For new agents: We do not charge you for ‘required’ classwork like other brokers – that’s not fair. Besides, most additional classwork you may want is offered by the local board, on-line, and it’s free.

With Realstar our goal is to get you out in the field – with a mentor- where you get the best education.

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