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Choosing An Agent

Choosing An Agent

Choosing the right Realtor to represent your interests is the most important step to ensuring your transaction will be beneficial for you.
Many Sellers find an Agent through a family member or friend. Unfortunately, you won’t often find the most aggressive or successful Agent this way. Not having the right Agent can cost you precious time and money. Always ask the potential Agent for a list of references. If they can’t or won’t provide any you are interviewing the wrong Agent. Successful Agents like those at Realstar have proven themselves as experts over and over again.

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What should I look for in an Agent?

Experience: As with other professions, the experience of your Realtor is paramount. This will have a direct impact on your stress level, days on market and your ultimate sales price. Experienced Agents like those at Realstar know what it takes to get you Sold.

Market Knowledge: An Agent needs to understand and adapt to market changes that continuously happen. That includes changes in disclosure and license law to appraisals and loan underwriting. You need a skilled, experienced agent in today’s ever changing market.

Commitment and Focus: Avoid Agents that just dabble in real estate. Top Producing Agents such as those at Realstar are professionals whose livelihood depends on their ability to successfully and continually close real estate transactions like yours. How many homes does a potential agent sell in a month or in a year? Avoid Agents doing 1 or 2 deals a year. That’s not a job. That’s a hobby.

Attitude: Does your Agent have your best interest in mind, or theirs? Do they share information in a straightforward and honest manner or are they just telling you what they think you want to hear? The sale of your home is too important to leave to an Agent that does not have their priorities straight – you deserve nothing less.

Strong Marketing Plan: Does your Agent have one? What profile will they use for your potential Buyers? What systems do they have in place besides the MLS?  Realstar offers a unique marketing mix that utilizes a variety of media and state-of-the-art technology to get the maximum amount of exposure for your property. This ensures the highest number of Buyers see your home – and your house sells for top dollar.

Know who you are hiring: Is the office a support mechanism or is it the mechanism? Some companies have ‘listing agents’ working in the field. Once listed, you are handed off to a back office person while they go get their next listing. Once under contract you are handed off to someone else again. Most often the back office people are not licensed and have dozens of sellers they are babysitting – and you may never again hear from the agent you actually hired. If there is trouble with the sale you are left hanging. We know – we hear those stories all the time. While Realstar has incredible back office support its there to assist your agent not replace your agent. You hire a licensed agent at Realstar and that’s exactly who you get – all the way to closing.