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Is A Short Sale A Better Option?

If you owe the lender more than the home is worth your options are limited to either a short sale or foreclosure. A Short Sale will save you money and do less damage to your credit.

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Are you behind on your mortgage payments or in foreclosure?
Whether you are a few months behind or, already in foreclosure we can help. Often times we can get your lender to allow you time to sell. That benefits them and you! A Short Sale is not a foreclosure and it usually has less of a negative effect on your credit score. Often times you are able to qualify to buy another home within just a few years. You just have to act quickly.

Do you owe more on your home that it is worth?
Negative Equity is when you owe more than your house is worth. If this is you, you are probably a candidate for a Short Sale. A Short Sale is an agreement between you and your lender whereby you cooperate on a sale (make the property available) and in turn, the lender accepts a lower price than what is owed. A Short Sale avoids Foreclosure and usually saves both parties thousands of dollars. Many areas have seen property values drop 15-20%. It may take years for values to recover.

How can Realstar help me?
You need help and guidance from someone who understands the difficult choices you are making about your home. We have helped many clients sell their home as a Short Sale and we have a successful track record with literally dozens of lenders.

Put the power of Short Sale experts to work for you!
We have the knowledge, experience and resources most agents don’t. When others fail Realstar gets it done. Save time and trouble. Call us first!

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