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Facing Foreclosure?

Are you behind on your mortgage payments or in foreclosure? Whether you are a few months behind or, already in foreclosure we can help. You just have to act quickly.

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Don’t sit and wait. Foreclosure is a one sided no holds bared action by your lender and the courts to force you out. Foreclosure also allows the bank to seek restitution for the outstanding debt and often the cost of reselling the property too. This could even result in judgement leading to garnishment of your assets and wages. There’s no court appointed attorney to help either. It’s a hard charging procedure against you and you alone.

A Short Sale however is not one sided. A Short Sale is a ‘collaboration’ between you and your lender whereby you cooperate on a sale (allow showings) and in turn, the lender accepts a lower price than what is owed. A successful Short Sale avoids Foreclosure and saves both parties thousands of dollars. Often times we can get your lender to pay most of your costs!

Even if you are already in foreclosure we can help. Often times we can get your lender to allow you time to sell why you still remain in the property, and it can benefit you and your lender!

If you are facing possible Foreclosure your options can be confusing. Refinancing or selling and paying off the loan are best. However, if you owe the lender more than the home is worth your options are limited to either a short sale or foreclosure. One choice is far better for you. A Short Sale will save you money and do less damage to your credit. It also means getting back on good financial track faster. Getting the right company like Realstar to help means less stress and minimal costs to you. We will put you on the right path. Realstar’s short sale experience and aggressive marketing will help you through the short sale process, Our service is paid for by your lender and we offer a no cost guarantee.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for general information purposes only. Contact legal consul for advice on your specific situation. No information provided here shall be construed as legal or any other advice. No representation is made to the completeness or accuracy of the information. As such, no part of this should be used as a substitute for consultation with a professional legal advisor.