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9 Free or Almost Free Things You Should be Doing While Staying (Quarantined) at Home

We’ve compiled a list of nine things you can do to your home while quarantined.  All nine things are free or almost free!

Clear out the closets. This is a good time to donate the stuff that doesn’t fit anymore or the items you haven’t worn in 12 months. Create 3 piles. What you keep, what you will donate and what you will toss. Do you really need 6 paint shirts? There are plenty of places where the donation goes straight to the needy.

Give the interior a thorough spring cleaning. Wipe down all the walls and trim including base boards, door and window trim. Clean all the window and sliding door tracks. Dust the ceiling corners and ceiling fans too. Steam clean the carpet. It will smell fresh and raise the nap making it look newer than it is. Don’t stop, we have never heard a buyer say a home was “too clean”.

Clean out your home office. Most people have 3 or 4 boxes of excess papers that could be recycled. Do you really need the last five years of cable, cell phone or lawn care receipts? Toss out the old instruction manuals and the folder for the car you no longer own while you are at it.

Deep clean bathrooms especially sinks, showers and tubs. Scrape out and replace discolored caulking. Make simple repairs like the leaking faucet or running toilet.

Spruce up the outside. Include the front door and entryway. It’s the first thing your guests see and appeal is everything. Fertilize the yard, trim bushes etc. A neat exterior will make buyers think you’ve maintained the interior. Clean the gutters and pressure wash your home’s siding, patio, deck and even sidewalks.

Freshen the paint. This is a good time to remove old wallpaper and any border. Faux finishes are dated too. Consider painting walls neutral greyish colors. Don’t be known for “the home with the purple bedroom”.

Tighten it up. Fix doors and drawers that don’t close properly. If a door ‘sags’ into the doorframe replace the middle screw in the top door hinge mounted to the frame with a 2” one. There are a lot of great how-to videos online. Tighten those loose doorknobs. BTW, this is a good time to update style of the cabinet and drawer knobs too.

Improve the lighting. Replace those ugly fluorescent bulbs with soft glow LED bulbs. Add lamps where necessary. With few exceptions brighter is always better. Consider updating the hall and foyer lights. You can find stylish inexpensive ones and you can often install on your own.

Improve the air you breathe. Have your furnace cleaned and checked by a professional – before they get busy again (or while they are offering deals). Replace the filter with a higher quality MERV 8-10 or FPR 5 which filter out pollen, dust, and even some bacteria. Don’t ‘over filter’ as you can restrict air flow. Check with your tech on which is best.

These 9 items will help you feel productive and enjoy your home during quarantine!